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Used materials


Standard high-quality production materials  


- a strong, very durable fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton), waterproof treatment

  • A highly proven resistant fabric with a fine twill weave which, due to its strength, is used for the production of practical clothes intended for the terrain or for regular use. The fabric is strong and at the same time light and permeable; these qualities are created by the proper combination of cotton and polyester fibres. Natural cotton fibres in this mixed fabric provide a pleasant feeling to the touch and strength; thanks to the polyester fibres the fabric has good colourfastness and is less inclined to wrinkle. Clothes made from this fabric require very low maintenance.


- MICRO-FIBRE – a light, strong fabric with a polished surface (100% polyester), waterproof treatment – a textile imitation of fine deerskin

  • Thanks to its appearance and qualities this extremely interesting fabric is perfect for use in the production of various types of modern elegant clothes. A special surface treatment gives this fabric an appearance and feel that is very similar to polished leather. However, compared to polished leather the fabric is extremely light and flexible. The fabric is manufactured of extremely fine fibres - “micro-fibres” – which are densely woven to create a highly resistant, strong, and light fabric.


- special double-layer fleece - strong fleece laminated on the underside with fabric (100% polyester), waterproof treatment

  • The modern material fleece is very often used to produce sportswear and leisure wear. A disadvantage of standard fleece is its high elasticity, which often means that clothes manufactured of this material have a short lifespan. For our clothes we therefore use this special fabric, which is light, soft, and attractive, and add another important quality - strength. The lamination of two types of fabrics makes it possible to use soft fleece reinforced with a strong resistant fabric that is lightly polished from the bottom side (for a pleasant touch).


- a strong, special double–layered fabric – strong outer fabric (100% polyester) with a heavily polished surface laminated with a smooth fabric (cotton/ polyester), waterproof treatment

  • This special modern fabric is very effective for use in the production of clothes with an interesting, “luxury” appearance, while retaining strength and durability characteristics. The lamination of two types of fabrics makes it possible to use this soft, flexible, and heavily combed fabric on the surface and reinforced with a strong resistant fabric that is lightly polished from the bottom side (for a pleasant touch). This connection of two different fabrics creates an interesting and high-quality material for the production of extremely elegant clothes.


- special flex, rigid, three-layer laminated fabric with climate-membrane (100% polyester), high-quality water resistant treatment

  • Outer layer: softshell - flexible light fabric with a water-resistant treatment, inner layer: fine soft fleece. Between these fabrics the is a laminated climate-membrane (waterproof / inner permeability). This special modern material is particularly suitable for a production of sportswear designed for an active work or travel. Modern technology of production of this fabric - lamination of three layers of different fabrics allows to combine the best properties of various materials - resistance to abrasion and stressing the upside fabric with climate-membrane, ensuring the body comfort even at high physical exertion and inner soft cloth Polar Fleece which is pleasant to the touch.


- light, strong, durable fabric with a slightly polished top (80% polyester, 20% cotton), high - quality water-resistant treatment

  • This modern material is designed primarily for the production of sport clothes or clothes for everyday use for which it is important lightness and strength. The fabric is made of tinny fibers - "microfibre", which is densely woven and thus creates very resistant, rigid and very light fabric. For appeling look and pleasant to touch is the surface of the fabric lightly polished


- light, but very resistant fabric with thickened binding (100% cotton), high-quality water-resistant treatment

  • Light firm cotton cloth with a special strengthened bond –grid thickened to prevent tearing - suitable for production of light clothing for comfortable wear in warm weather. Due to the quality of high-resistance against tearing are clothes made from RIPSTOP suitable even for the more challenging terrain.


- fabric identical to Eutex - Special flex, rigid, three-layer laminated fabric with climate-membrane (100% polyester), high-quality water-resistant

  • This type of three-layer laminated softshell differs from fabric EUTEX with its thickness/weight. It is lightened by the use of the same light fabric that forms the top layer, as well as an inner layer-instead of fleece that is used at EUTEX.


- firm, soft durable two-layer fabric with a slightly polished surface (100% polyester), water-resistant treatment

  • Modern material made by modern technology - lamination of two types of fabric - is intended primarily for the production of durable elegant clothes with “luxury” appearance. The top fabric is made of soft microfiber with a slightly- ground surface (for a pleasant touch and a dull appearance), which is braced with laminated soft cloth with firm contexture on the bottom side.


- very strong fabric - strong "canvas" (80% cotton, 20% polyester), high-quality water-resistant treatment

  • Special firm thick fabric with a distinctive robust structure suitable for the production of highly resistant clothing - against tear, abrasion and others - Designed especially for highly demanding terrain. On the inside is the structure of fabric finer in order to achieve a pleasant feeling when in contact with skin. There is simple maintenance of the clothes made from ROUTEX fabric.

BEROL - Lightweight, durable elastic fabric (98% cotton, 2% elastane), water repellent

Lightweight cotton canvas blended with elastic fibers suitable for the production of lightweight clothing - mainly trousers for a comfortable fit even in hot and humid weather.

ERUTEX - quality lightweight suit fabric composed of 30% wool, 70% polyester

Quality soft, lightweight fabric with reduced shrinkage, intended for the production of social suits.

DONAL - "corduroy" - a special thick fabric (90% cotton, 10% polyester), high-quality water repellent

This strong, durable fabric with a special plastic coupling is particularly suitable for the production of trousers.

TOLATEX - strength fabric "canvas" (100% cotton) with a special hardcover quality water repellent

Resistant fabric suitable for producing durable clothes is weaker while maintaining strength.

LODEN - Special solid thick fabric (35% wool, 65% polyester), high-quality water repellent

"Tradiční" lisovaná tkanina má díky vyššímu obsahu vlny velmi dobré termoizolační vlastnosti. Vhodné pro specifické zimní oděvy.

LOTAR - quality solid suit fabric composed of 45% wool, 55% polyester

Quality Fabrics for clothes with reduced wrinkles.

ERTEX - MICRO - light, thin and strong fabric with a lightly brushed, water repellent material

Modern material made of modern technology is intended primarily for the production of sportswear or clothing for everyday use for which it is especially important lightness and reduced shrinkage.


- firm fabric - strong "canvas" (100% cotton) with a special fixed contexture, high-quality water-resistant treatment

  • Firm thick cloth suitable for the prduction of highly resistant clothes designed especially for highly demanding terrain. The strength of the fabric (tear, abrasion resistance,... ) is improved with a special dense textile contexture.There is simple maintenance of the clothes made from TEBAT fabric.


- fine soft light fabric with anti-crumble treatment (100% polyester)


- strong fine soft light fabric with anti-crumble treatment (100% polyester)

  • Popular practical modern fabric suitable for the production of clothes that are suitable for wearing as a light outwear, but also as an insulating layer under the coat - suitable as a second layer of clothing used in the correct form of "function layering" of clothes. The fabric is non-absorbent and breathable, it doesn´t stow the water vapour - sweat coming from the body. Fabric is pleasant to touch. The great advantage of the fabric is its long durability, which when correct, simple treatment it doesn´t crumble,doesn´t get hard and doesn´t change size proportion. Polar Fleece-Thermo fabric is half stronger than the fabric Polar Fleece.


- fine soft light fabric with anti-crumble treatment (100% polyester) with special "lattice" structure

  • Special practical modern fabric similar to Polar Fleece, but thinner and lighter due to the „lattice –squere“ structure. Due to its high elasticity is suitable for the production of clothes for active work and travel (flexibility of fabric enable every possible move).Clothes made of this fabric are suitable for wearing as a light outwear, but also as an insulation layer (used in the correct form of "function layering" of clothes). The fabric is non-absorbent, breathable and pleasant to touch.

Fabrics used for SHIRTS, POLO-SHIRTS and T-SHIRTS

  • From our assortment you can choose many kinds of shirts, which are made of pure cotton high-quality fabrics in different type of fineness of fibers and textile weaves (comfortable for wearing in common environment), also from several types of shirts made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester (patterned and single-coloured, finer lighter fabric), also from single-coloured shirts made of 65% polester nad 35% cotton (special fabric used for uniform style shirts – assuring color fastness) as well as from 5 types of functional shirts made of 100% special polyester fabric (non-soaking, permeable).
  • For the production of Polo-shirts and T-shirts there are used cotton knitwear in greater weight (T-shirts 190 gr., Polo-shirts 190 and 210 gr.), high-quality 100% combed cotton with very good color fastness. For most of the Polo-shirts we use special technic of fabrics surface treatment  - combing for an appeling look and comfortable feeling to touch.
  • But each cotton fabric creases and by regular using, and especially by laundering or reaction of sweat it loses color. That is why in our assortment we have also T-shirts and Polo-shirts made of special 100% polyester knitwear (they are non-creasing, permeable, drain sweat away from the body - suitable for active work-while sweating). Very interesting is inner distinctively edged functional knitwear (T-shirts Trelon and Polo-shirts Treval, Rapid and Foren) – pleasant to touch and improved thermal insulation (in cold or in warm).


- MEMBRANE – between the outer fabric and the lining, 100% polyurethane, completely waterproof (3,000 mm water column) and resistant against wind, but moisture permeable from the inside

For many years our company has used the fabric membrane”KLIMARON , which has shown long-term reliability in our products. We process KLIMARON (cutting, gluing seams, etc.) on special machines and sew the “membrane” into our clothing exclusively in our production facilities under constant quality control. However, upon request all of our products can be made with the KLIMARON“membrane”.




For the production of our clothes we use only top quality materials that are durable, colourfast, and waterproof (materials for outerwear), which significantly increases the utility characteristics of the clothes made from these materials.

The materials we use are also tested by independent test centres and are subjected to demanding practical trials directly in the field. These material tests are performed even before a decision is made to include the material among those regularly used for the production of the standard assortment of products – outdoor apparel.

We are able to achieve the increased utility value of many of our clothes by providing full waterproofing while maintaining breathability. This involves adding a special membrane to clothes. This special, extremely thin fabric “membrane” is sewn in as an independent layer between the outer fabric and the lining throughout the entire clothing; all seams on this “membrane” are sealed with a special tape to prevent moisture from soaking through these seams.

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