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Set FLARON Excl./TREVIS-Chitex

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This set of clothes consists of these products:

jacket FLARON Exclusive
Jacket have a tightening rubber string in bottom lap of jacket (adjustment of waist) and reinforcement with a textile band of this bottom lap, inside part of the collar made from CHITEX fabric (Suede) and top margin of this collar is bordered also with CHITEX, laps of sleeves are bordered with a rubber band. This jacket is equipped with the waterproof climate-membrane and with a linning.Completion with ERTEX fabric – ERTEX parts are stitched, with decorative quilted, on CHITON-reinforcement of jacket - along of the zip and on the shoulder

trousers TREVIS - Chitex
Without tucks in waist, additional fabric: ERTEX - at the side wedged pockets in waist and a decoratin on the flaps at the legs pockets, 2 side pockets on the legs-flaps with press button, one back pocket with zip, special belt ties for belt 3 or 4 cm

Set FLARON Excl./TREVIS-Chitex

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